Visual Search can change SEO for E-Commerce Sites – Know How?


They say visual marketing is the future. In fact, some rebels also say that SEO for ecommerce sites will be restricted to visual search only. In support of their prediction, the rebel digital marketers also provide some scientific aspects to potentiate their claims.

Interesting Facts

  • The first thing that needs special mention is the fact the processing power of the brain. It has been seen that brain processes images (60,000 times) faster than that of texts. This is the first thing put forward by the digital markets while predicting the future and the inevitability of visual search aspects.
  • Images have more long lasting effect than audio. A customer is likely to retain around 65 per cent of the conveyed message in image even after 3 days. In comparison, just 10 per cent of the stimuli will be retained by the customer when conveyed through audio messages.
  • Most customers prefer content that come with texts coupled with relevant images. In fact, the probability of engagement with such content increases by 80 per cent more than any normal text based content.
  • When the viewership is taken into consideration, the image-based content attracts almost double the viewership. Reports say viewership of content increase by around 94 per cent in case of content that have images in them.
  • When a consumer makes a purchase, almost all (93 per cent of the total number of target consumers) the customers are seen to be making purchasing decision on the basis of content having relevant images.

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What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in India?

After a certain level of time, businesses will need to consider migrating their hosting requirements from the shared hosting to the dedicated server. The process of upgrade should be a smooth one so it is imperative that you choose your dedicating service hosting provider in India with utmost care after considering all the aspects. Upgrading to dedicated server is good for a business as it implies that its products and services are being liked by the customers and hence the traffic flow to their site has increased.

A single organization an entire server on lease for their websites. It means all the resources are at their disposal and they will never have to worry about any other entity overdrawing any resources that could result in server crashing as it happens in shared hosting. The dedicated server India plans are ideal for businesses that have high traffic movement needing maximum space.
Full root access:
Dedicated server hosting providers in India allow the customers full root access and high speed processing and gives them the liberty to customize the server with their own applications, upgrade it for more space and additional backup features. The host handles the server setup and configurations as required by the customers. The clients can host any number of websites and use the server for any purpose like gaming or virtual hosting or ecommerce business.

Dedicated round the clock support:
Business owners have to be very selective when choosing the dedicated server hosting provider in India. No doubt, dedicated servers are most expensive but never compromise on quality of service for low pricing. Imagine the plight when business is in full swing and all of a sudden you start receiving error messages and everything comes to a standstill. Your hosting provider is unreachable. You have to suffer the consequences of having compromised quality for low and cheap services. You need the services of dedicated server hosting providers in India that are available 24/7 to instantly respond to your distress calls.

Complete package:
There are several dedicated server hosting providers in India that offer several add-on services at no additional cost. Look for such providers and get the benefits like free SSL certificate, SSDs for better speed, control panel, WHM, enterprise email servers, spam protection, malware scanning, proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, monitoring for traffic spikes, one-click installer etc. These features will give additional security and peace of mind and help in enhancing the performance.

The servers offered by the dedicated server hosting providers in India are made up of best hardware. They use the latest and tested blade servers manufactured by the most reputable brands to ensure safety of data and high resistance to traffic pressures. The servers are placed in data centers that are strategically located in cities that are earthquake safe. They are equipped with fibre-optic connectivity that ensures high speed and reliable network routing. This ensures low latency and higher network availability. The technical support team is stationed in the data centers to monitor the server performance and guarantee least downtime. They have security guards manning the plant 24/7 to protect from thieves and intruders.

Why Should You Choose Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

In dedicated hosting, a single server and its resources are utilized by a single client enterprise only for its own use. This makes dedicated server hosting preferable compared to shared hosting plans where server resources must be shared amongst many users residing on the same server. In shared hosting, the chances of server resources like memory or disk space or bandwidth getting used up by neighbors are high; in dedicated server hosting however, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and server space, high reliability and high network uptime, enhanced security and excellent technical supports.

What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

  • To start with, dedicated hosting is reliable because you do not have to share resources with co-users. You will not need to worry about the Ram or processing power being used up by neighbors. There are no chances of your website getting blacklisted because of malicious scripts and malware affecting other neighboring websites.

  • With dedicated server hosting, you can also get enhanced security features which ensure a high server uptime for your site. While shared hosting is fine for individual websites or start-ups, dedicated hosting is suited for ecommerce websites which get a lot of traffic and cannot afford to slow down since financial transactions are done here. In dedicated hosting, the web host will provide you with robust security measures like SSL certifications to make financial transactions online absolutely secure.

  • Dedicated servers are not only reliable; they are also highly scalable and flexible. Users have root access to server settings which they can change to suit their own business interests. They can install scripts and other applications that can boost their businesses.

  • In dedicated server hosting, you are given a unique IP address; this is especially important because in shared hosting, there are chances that your website may get blacklisted and pushed down in search engine rankings when you have to share server space with other spam sites. The unique IP address is absolutely imperative for ecommerce sites that deal in credit card transactions online.

  • Finally, when you choose managed dedicated server hosting, you will not need to buy or maintain costly hardware. The host will be responsible for maintaining the server and resolving server-related problems allowing you to focus on other important business matters.


These are some key benefits of dedicated server hosting; these are available nevertheless for a cost. Most dedicated hosting providers claim to offer a high network uptime and excellent technical supports, quality hardware and increased bandwidth, but it is important to evaluate their packages before signing up with any.

  • Before signing up with any web host, you must decide whether you business will benefit from dedicated hosting. You must decide whether to use Linux or Windows dedicated servers. For sites that run ASP or ASP.NET, Windows servers are necessary.

  • For resource-rich websites, you will need fast and powerful processors; at times, you will also need multiple processors when you get a lot of web traffic such as in the case of gaming websites. So, you must assess your processing needs very carefully and make a choice accordingly.

  • Your provider should also be able to guarantee you round-the-clock technical supports through live chats, phone calls and emails. You need to test their response times before signing on the dotted lines.

  • The provider you choose should be able to offer you superior quality hardware preferably from reputed manufacturers such as Dell or IBM. The host should also be prepared to replace or repair the components in case of damages or defects. It should implement stringent security protocols to prevent security breaches.

  • Considering the budget is of utmost consideration before choosing a dedicated server hosting provider. You must find out about licensing fees, installation fees, monthly bandwidth charges, prices of software upgrades and security updates etc.

Considering all these features will help you decide on a dedicated web host for your business. It may be a good idea to pick a provider that lets you try out its services free of cost for a certain time period. If you are not happy with their services, you always discontinue the services and switch to another provider.

The perfect trip to Pondicherry during its peak seasons


A well-known shoreline destination for individuals searching for a sensational occasion. Pondicherry is about delightful seashores, shorelines, dusk, regular shacks and tasty and crisp fish. Despite the fact that it generally sees visitors and explorers all consistently, the top seasons are the best time to visit this destination.


Whenever picking a spot to visit, it is generally imperative you choose the best possible time and season you set your date upon. This is vital mostly in areas wherein the atmosphere and climate have a part to play in the way of how your vacation may end up being. Some additionally rely on upon the season. Normally, during the peak season, the place remains busy and exciting, and people visit during the off-seasons for a quieter and more relaxed visit. However in the case of Pondicherry, visiting during the off-seasons makes no sense as Pondicherry is not a place you come to relax, many other hill stations nearby can be visited for that. The sole reason Pondicherry is popular in India is for being the place with arguably the cheapest alcohol in the country and its beach parties.

Pondicherry is the favorite weekend getaway for the fun loving people living in Chennai. It takes just 3 hours to reach if you take a Chennai to Pondicherry taxi. Timing is the only thing that plays a crucial role on your trip to Pondicherry. On the off chance that you are searching for beach parties and shacks and you come at a wron

g time, then the only thing you will find in the beaches are sand, and some sea shells. That is how useless your trip will turn out to be if you ignore the red flags and hope to try visiting it during the off seasons.


Beach destinations have a particular characteristic to it during the peak seasons – the shacks along the shores. Rather than staying at a portion of the lodgings in Pondicherry one can just stay at one of the shacks and have a decent time as well as save a good deal of money too. Being a Union Territory, Pondicherry is exempted from Sales tax, making the typical cost for basic items low. You can spare as much as double the sum you spend anyplace else drinking the same sum in this spot.

Promenade shoreline, Auroville seashore, Paradise shoreline and Serenity coastline are some of the brilliant shorelines. Pondicherry seashores aren’t as swarmed when contrasted with the shorelines in Goa. Shacks are set up amid the peak seasons and the scene is basically the same as it is in Goa. Sunset takes after by noisy heart pounding bass resounding over the shores and individuals celebrating themselves till they drain every ounce of their energy. Despite the fact that the liquor is extremely cheap, there is a catch. You can’t take it outside the outskirt of the Union Territory. All your things will be completely checked for possession of liquor at each barricade check posts.


Pondicherry is an extremely famous weekend getaway destination for individuals living in close-by urban communities for whom an excursion here is only two or three hours head out or a short prepare ride. It makes for an immaculate getaway with wildlife and a chance to unwind in the relaxing beaches. Every Pondicherry travel guide will tell you to visit this brilliant holiday destination during the peak season. Want to know why? Plan a trip during this time and know why!


Why Web Hosting Is Necessary For Online Businesses


Individuals and businesses need the services of a web hosting provider to bring their websites on the internet and accessible to the outside world. It is only way for an online business to exhibit their products and services to the consumers.

The web hosting provider offers the physical hardware in the form of space on a server, internet connections at high speed and store the websites in their well-equipped data centers.

The web hosting company offers several benefits like:

• Saving on space and infrastructure: Customers need not invest on the expensive infrastructure to house their websites.

• Maintenance: The hosting provider does the maintenance and management of infrastructure

• Security: The host provides for the security of the data from spammers and hackers

• Support: The host has their customer support team available 24/7 over mail, phone and live chat to assist with any server related queries.

The two most critical requirements that every business are maximum uptime and high speed internet connectivity that will ensure easy accessibility to a visitor. The web hosting provider in New Zealand offers robust SLAs that guarantee of maximum network uptime. Their technical team monitors the server round the clock to ensure that the servers are in their best conditions to their customers the best service.


The web hosting provider offers all their hosting options in both Linux and Windows operating system. They also have some reliable reseller plans and offer email hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificates and database hosting services.

The clients are advised to select the one most suitable to them based on their budget, target audience and volume of traffic they expect. The types of web hosting include

• Shared hosting: The provider accommodates many websites on a single powerful server and they all share the resources. It is the least expensive and an ideal solution for the new and small businesses to start their online business. The resources offered are limited and it is advisable for a business to upgrade once the traffic starts increasing.

• Dedicated hosting: It is ideal for the large and well established businesses that have a large flow of visitors constantly. The client takes an entire server for their individual use and get complete control over the resources. It is the most expensive form of hosting but offers many benefits that ensures the websites offer seamless performance with high upload speed and maximum uptime.

• VPS hosting: Ideally suited for a growing business, VPS involves sharing of the server but with independent resources. A large server is split into several smaller partitions and offered to multiple clients. It removes the restrictions of a shared server while matches the features of a dedicated server at far more affordable costs.

• Cloud computing: Services are offered over the internet eliminating the need of buying and installing expensive software and hardware. Customers pay only for the services they consume. It is affordable and suitable to businesses of all sizes.

Beauty Tips to Brides for Best Appearance


Once the marriage date is determined, each bride starts thinking for achieving her best appearance and look on the assorted wedding functions as well as the 6 Jan 2017. She may well be beneath nice tension and stress asking her a way to deal with it whereas obtaining desired results. each girl has to grasp many Beauty Tips to Brides for Best look.

You might be anxious concerning several things like searching, guest list, home interior decoration etc. however the most anxiety and concern for any bride is her own appearance and look on the the 6 Jan 2017. you need to take charge to avoid wasting your skin throughout day searching. you need to use umbrella and eyeglasses to preserve your eyes and skin from heat particularly in summer season. attempt to avoid outings throughout the day hours once sunshine is at its peak.


Every bride deserves to appear her best on her wedding, however it’s simply Associate in Nursing unfortunate coincidence that wanting your best will take lots of homework. Those dark circles, frazzled hair and broken cosmetic have gotten to go! therefore to show you into the gorgeous bride, we’ve asked beauty specialists for his or her quick-fix bridal tips. to require care of this, we’ve got shortlisted many Beauty Tips to Brides for Best look which might be tried intent on look distinctive & gorgeous:


Choose skin care routine with light merchandise

  • Keep blemishes unfree whereas mistreatment smart skin protective lotions & crème
  • choose correct Manicure and Pedicure
  • Diet is that the key for overall health program, avoid food altogether
  • Teeth change of color for the right smile on your huge day
  • Bring glow on your face with soft face washes
  • enough sleep to urge your body the well merited rest
  • correct hair care on regular basis
  • excellent Bridal Makeup for the marriage day from a decent makeup creator.

To complement all this, you’ll choose correct Body sharpening, Brow lift, optical device Hair removal, chemical element infusion skin medical aid, Medi Facials, and Fillers for skin sparkles. These few tries can herald natural glow into your skin and you’ll sure look gorgeous on it huge day of your life. Everything concerning your wedding makeup has to be excellent. consider all the pictures! It’s best to try and do a makeup path before the massive day. choose a glance that suits you, and one that you just feel snug with, “Don’t be tempted to undertake something new or audacious on the day,”

 Wedding Planners in Delhi , So, follow these suggestions to appear your beamy self on the massive day…..


The Most Popular Wedding Themes


Modern weddings these days ar a lot of usually than not, dominated by a solitary theme. they’re either settled by a musical genre, a color, or would even revolve around a popular culture reference or your wedding venue. Whichever it should be, wedding themes actually have that charm regarding them that creates a marriage affair actually distinctive. a number of the foremost self-made wedding events have a singular theme encompassing the whole affair. whether or not it’s the classic vintage, ancient, rustic romantic, up to date or a number of even the foremost fashionable themes . it provides any wedding that private feel that might build it all the a lot of unforgettable to the couple.

wedding eye

Apart from the sentimental side these themes bring, themes ar crucial because it would function the most focus in guiding many different wedding options like the decorations, invites, color palettes, the music, the ambiance, the flowers and therefore the overall feel. As a result, your wedding would have a unified construct in various aspects while not the sensation of it being improbably unstuck. If you’re obtaining hitched anytime before long and are still unsure of that theme to include into your wedding, take a goose at a number of the foremost standard themes couples worldwide have chosen. From this list, you’ll get a thought or 2 that you just may utilize on your day.


Earthy, romantic with slightly of class, the country stylish has been one amongst the up to date wedding themes that saw a surge in quality within the era. the nice and cozy colours and tones used during this wedding theme produce a really impractical aura that might dominate the marriage venue’s ambiance. it’s comparatively straightforward to make a country stylish theme, however it’s imperative that the chosen venue is suitable for the theme. Once you have got the selected wedding location lined, all you’d would like is to make a complementary décor that might tie it all up nicely. whether or not your rustic wedding theme is command in an exceedingly garden or a vinery, these rustic celebrations all have three things in common: a natural landscape, the incorporation of wood in multiple ways in which, the usage of constant decors in such some way that might seem like they may exist in your home or garden.



One of the marriage themes that may not appear dated even when fifty roughly years is that the classic romantic theme. this can be that one specific wedding theme that proves that classic doesn’t have to be compelled to be unexciting and sedate. after you area unit going for the classic romantic route, one issue you need to confine mind is that flowers dominate this theme and make drama together with your outfits. this suggests the church aisle ought to have festoons of floral arrangements and within the same approach, your reception ought to be swathed in flowers. Your outfits, in addition because the entourage’s, ought to produce a dramatic effect: A match and flare robe with crystal particularisation for the bride, a classic black evening dress for the groom and therefore the bridal gathering in matching floor-length elegant robes. The Wedding Eye is one of the Top Theme Wedding Planners in Delhi provides Décor and Event Planners Service in Delhi NCR .


Wedding planners making your wedding a glorious ceremony


The bond of wedding unites 2 souls along. it’s a robust bond of affection between 2 people. Wedding not solely unites the bride and also the groom however in Asian country wedding is taken into account to be the bond of relationship between 2 families. it’s a period event that needs plenty of coming up with and arrangement. to create the marriage a dream wedding is that the want of most of the couples. each individual have bound dreams and wishes regarding their approach of celebrating the massive day. nowadays comes just one occasion within the entire period and also the memory of wedding is being cherished forever. the marriage planners in urban center supply totally different quite services to create your huge day celebration a grand one. Their service includes right from the design of all the events, execution of the plans, incorporating new ideas for the marriage likewise as observance each details of the marriage.

The most necessary call is selecting an ideal destination for the marriage. This reflects the temperament of the individual. the marriage planners supply help in selecting a right venue, and this relies entire on the selection of the shopper. once a dream destination has been finalised the complete responsibility of managing and organizing the various event depends on the marriage planners. extremely skilled and are knowledgeable during this field. every and each shopper is treated with equal importance. and also the selection of all the purchasers being totally different, the planning’s of the events is tailor-made in line with the strain of the purchasers.

wedding planners in delhi

Destination wedding is one in every of the foremost appreciated selections recently. variety of choices in Asian country likewise as in abroad square measure out there for a destination wedding. In Asian country to own a royal like wedding the palaces in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur offers the most effective wedding destination. to own a grand wedding amidst the lap of the mountains Mussoorie may be a dream destination for many of the couples. The sand beaches of state and also the backwaters of Kerala are extremely acknowledged wedding destination. The arrangements of building, decoration of the venue, lighting likewise because the occupation service square measure well organized by the Wedding Planners in Delhi   .

The decorators supply numerous differing kinds of stage decoration techniques. The decoration of the venue additionally depends on the selection of the bride and also the groom. If they need a topic wedding then all the mandatory arrangements square measure created in line with the theme. The stage decoration, lighting, sitting arrangement of the bride and also the groom square measure all organized in line with the theme of the venue. The occupation service so organized offers a spread of cuisines. The list of menus contains many totally different things that may be selecting from. The style and also the freshness of the food square measure well maintained. The invitees square measure offered authentic things with outstanding flavour. one in every of the most events is that the varmala or garland exchange. many totally different innovative theme concepts square measure provided for selecting a varmala theme. the marriage planners try and build your huge day a lot of superb and unforgettable one.

Reasons to Hire the Best VPS Hosting Provider in NZ

When you hire the best VPS hosting provider in NZ, you can enjoy quality VPS hosting solutions. In VPS hosting, there is a single server which is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers, each functioning independent of the others. This means that the clients have root access to the server and are free to install applications, scripts and operating system of their choice to suit their business interests. A VPS hosting provider in NZ will therefore allow you to enjoy nearly all the advantages of a dedicated server minus the high costs. This is because VPS hosting is an ideal middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and suited for small and medium-sized enterprises which cannot afford dedicated hosting.

How does VPS hosting work?

In VPS hosting, the user can run its own version of the operating system, whether it chooses to use Linux or Windows. Linux VPS hosting plans are usually more cost-effective because Linux is an open source platform and there are no licensing fees unlike in Windows. However, for websites which run applications like ASP or ASP.NET, it is imperative to use Windows VPS hosting since these applications operate in a Windows-only environment.

What are the benefits of hiring a VPS Hosting Provider in NZ?

  • When you choose VPS hosting in New Zealand, you stand to gain many benefits. To begin with, VPS hosting is far more profitable than dedicated hosting although you get to experience almost all the benefits of dedicated hosting. So, you can run your own operating system, install software and applications of your choice, adjust server settings, reboot the server if required etc.
  • Since you do not have to share server space with co-users as in a shared hosting environment, you enjoy a greater degree of control and privacy. You can even restart the server if necessary and install applications that can benefit your business without having to wait for the provider’s approval.
  • Since users have root access to the server, you can customize its settings to accommodate your business goals.
  • Finally, you can enjoy dedicated amounts of RAM, bandwidth and space at any point of time. You can also get additional resources when you need them, allowing your website to expand seamlessly.

How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Provider in NZ:

  • To start with, you must decide whether you business will benefit from Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting. The latter is economical but will not work if your website runs Windows-only applications.
  • Secondly, you should also decide whether you need managed VPS hosting or unmanaged VPS hosting. When you choose the latter, the responsibilities of running and securing the server rests with you and not your web host. This may become challenging if you do not have a capable IT team to look after server-related problems. For seasoned geeks however who are used to server management, managing the virtual private server should not be difficult. They are experienced in rebooting, restarting, repairing the server.
  • When choosing a VPS hosting provider in NZ, you must also ensure that it has redundant backup resources so that in case of power outages, there are adequate power generators to guarantee uninterrupted power supplies. In case a server is overloaded, there must be standby active servers to which the workloads can be shifted.
  • When there are sudden traffic spikes, the provider should be able to offer additional resources like bandwidth and memory to ensure that there are no downtimes.
  • Before signing up with any provider, it is also imperative to find about the costs involved besides the monthly hosting package fees. You should find out about installation costs, licensing fees, prices of upgrades and security updates, charges for hardware replacements and any other fees that may not be apparent.
  • You must also consider the amount of RAM you will be entitled to in your hosting plan; this is especially significant for companies that run resource-rich websites. You should also inquire about the additional costs in case you need more bandwidth when your site grows.
  • Last but not the least, the degree of customer support which the VPS hosting provider in NZ offers is of utmost significance when choosing a host. The provider should be able to guarantee 24×7 technical supports through chats, phone calls and emails. It is best to choose a company which gives a free trial version to prospective clients to test their services.







Best places to see and enjoy live music in Melbourne


There are some things in life that cannot be simply be taken for granted. Good music is one of them. Music soothes your mind and body and if you do not appreciate good music, you are missing out a whole lot of good in the one life you get to live. This article talks about the rich music that comes out of Australia and where to go to get a dose of their good live music.

Music is a universal language. You may not understand a word of the language spoken but you connect with it immediately and get the emotion behind the song. Take Opera for instance. Almost every opera song is sung in Italian which the listeners don’t know a word of but connect to it instantly and brings many to tears, especially when you are sitting in an Opera house watching the people perform and seeing the emotion they go through singing the song.

India’s music in today’s generation is bleak with no soul. The rich Indian classical music loved all over the world is forgotten in the country with the trend of catchy hip-hop songs about alcohol and parties dominating the music scene making it hard for artists in different genres to shine. So, if you are a person who loves good music and head out to see live music whenever you go out rather than the nightclubs, we have here some of the best places to enjoy live music in Melbourne. The music scene in Australia is great especially the indie scene where you will see small upcoming bands performing gigs in small pubs. If you have a trip planned to Australia and booked your Delhi to Melbourne flights, you are in for a treat!

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The Prince Bandroom

One of the oldest bars to witness a live performance, the Prince Bandroom has been around for more than 60 years now. You can be guaranteed that there will always be one band or the other playing in this bar, and that is what makes people keeping on coming. Indie bands and artists are given a great platform to perform and showcase their piece to a large and enthusiastic audience here giving them the much-needed exposure.

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