Best places to see and enjoy live music in Melbourne

There are some things in life that cannot be simply be taken for granted. Good music is one of them. Music soothes your mind and body and if you do not appreciate good music, you are missing out a whole lot of good in the one life you get to live. This article talks about the rich music that comes out of Australia and where to go to get a dose of their good live music.

Music is a universal language. You may not understand a word of the language spoken but you connect with it immediately and get the emotion behind the song. Take Opera for instance. Almost every opera song is sung in Italian which the listeners don’t know a word of but connect to it instantly and brings many to tears, especially when you are sitting in an Opera house watching the people perform and seeing the emotion they go through singing the song.

India’s music in today’s generation is bleak with no soul. The rich Indian classical music loved all over the world is forgotten in the country with the trend of catchy hip-hop songs about alcohol and parties dominating the music scene making it hard for artists in different genres to shine. So, if you are a person who loves good music and head out to see live music whenever you go out rather than the nightclubs, we have here some of the best places to enjoy live music in Melbourne. The music scene in Australia is great especially the indie scene where you will see small upcoming bands performing gigs in small pubs. If you have a trip planned to Australia and booked your Delhi to Melbourne flights, you are in for a treat!

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The Prince Bandroom

One of the oldest bars to witness a live performance, the Prince Bandroom has been around for more than 60 years now. You can be guaranteed that there will always be one band or the other playing in this bar, and that is what makes people keeping on coming. Indie bands and artists are given a great platform to perform and showcase their piece to a large and enthusiastic audience here giving them the much-needed exposure.

The Corner Hotel

Playing host to some of the most well-known international music artists and also the smallest indie bands three times a week, the Corner Hotel is the most well-known name in the scene of live music in Melbourne. The place has a beer garden in the rooftop you can go up to during summers which make it even more popular even among the people who are not that into music.


One of the major and longest known concert clubs in the city, the Hi-Fi club is a place where you will see the most diverse group of musicians performing. From local bands, popular musicians to DJs spinning electronic songs or hip hop artists. There is another level from the ground floor where you can sit and enjoy the live music below.

The Northcote Social Club

One of the best places to visit in Melbourne to enjoy live music, this club is the place where the American band, ‘The Pixies’ performed before performing the concert during their glory days for  their first ever Australian tour. This club has since that time played host to a good number of famous bands and paved way for many up and coming bands.


A visit to these popular places for a night of live music is guaranteed to give you the experience you seek for!

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