Visual Search can change SEO for E-Commerce Sites – Know How?

They say visual marketing is the future. In fact, some rebels also say that SEO for ecommerce sites will be restricted to visual search only. In support of their prediction, the rebel digital marketers also provide some scientific aspects to potentiate their claims.

Interesting Facts

  • The first thing that needs special mention is the fact the processing power of the brain. It has been seen that brain processes images (60,000 times) faster than that of texts. This is the first thing put forward by the digital markets while predicting the future and the inevitability of visual search aspects.
  • Images have more long lasting effect than audio. A customer is likely to retain around 65 per cent of the conveyed message in image even after 3 days. In comparison, just 10 per cent of the stimuli will be retained by the customer when conveyed through audio messages.
  • Most customers prefer content that come with texts coupled with relevant images. In fact, the probability of engagement with such content increases by 80 per cent more than any normal text based content.
  • When the viewership is taken into consideration, the image-based content attracts almost double the viewership. Reports say viewership of content increase by around 94 per cent in case of content that have images in them.
  • When a consumer makes a purchase, almost all (93 per cent of the total number of target consumers) the customers are seen to be making purchasing decision on the basis of content having relevant images.


What marketing Experts Say?

Best SEO companies in India say that compelling and relevant images (coupled with accurate and relevant information on product) do the conversation in selling products, especially in cases of ecommerce sites. In fact, the experts also say that Google has always in favour of content that communicate with the mixture of image and text. That’s why they have been using and reemphasising on image searching as well as reverse image searching aspects. From keen observation and results it is now clear that Google has always been emphasising on use of relevant and proper image content, which is thought to be more effective in delivering precise message quickly and in an effective manner.

What about Ecommerce and Visual Searching?

SEO experts working in best SEO companies in India say that text queries are more and more becoming ineffective in finding accurate products. If a user doesn’t have proper information, the task becomes exceedingly problematic to find a certain product to buy. Let’s consider an example to elucidate. Suppose, a keyword “black dress shoes” is the term with which you search Google. The first thing you will get is hundreds of results and they may not fit exactly to what you are searching for. This is where visual searching becomes relevant as they help you search the exact product you are searching for.

Is Visual Search Different from Image Search?

Even many best SEO companies in India don’t have a clear idea about visual search. Many believe that it is similar to image search. Visual searches are more detailed in nature and are distinctively different from image searches or even reverse image searches.

  • In case of image search, user gives text based query in Google and gets result on the basis of that.
  • In case of reverse image search, user has to rely on metadata to match results.

When it comes to Visual Search, the comparison of the product is done with similar brands, colours, and styles by using pixel by pixel.

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