The Best Bus Trip from Ipoh to Johor

We invite you to a bus trip from Ipoh to Johor. The bus trip will not only make your trip easy and enjoyable. The comfortable bus coaches meet all required safety norms. You’ll be able to relax on the entire trip in the comfortable armchairs as well as not miss any sites of interest. So book your tickets at for a hassle free and lovely journey.

A journey to Ippo to Johor

The bus trip from Ippo to Johor takes a time of 8 hours, but it is worth the time because both rail and road connect Johor to Singapore, giving you an option of an exciting shopping weekend in between. During the journey, there are a number of terminals and pick-up points, so it will require some stops along the Ipoh to Johor route. Some of these pick-up points include Segamat, Batu Pahat, Mersing and Muar along with few others. So travelers have the advantage of arranging from beforehand the starting point and the end point of their trip at any of these recognized terminals or stops. The boarding and the drop-off point in the Ipoh or the capital of Malaysia are consistently positioned so as to facilitate the travelers with the option of boarding the bus according to their convenience.


How to hire the ticket for Ippo to Johor

It is easy and hassles free to book your bus ticket online from Ippo to Horror more so when you book it through Easybook. Booking through the website you get the advantage of doing so as per your convenience sitting at home at any time suitable to you. You just need to choose your time of departure, the required bus route, the bus company you want to use, and the number of children and adults who are traveling. Some of the famous coach companies include Konsortium Express, S&S International (M) Express and Cepat & Cekap Express.

Though the traffic will be a factor as to how soon you reach Johor, the journey is made pleasant by the experienced drivers. Also, there is a refreshment stop on the way which can take another 20-30 minutes before proceeding. The beauty and advantage of a bus journey to Johor which is a 7-8 hours trip is that it can be of relaxation and ease. The buses are properly equipped with air conditioner and tourist and travelers can take a relaxing journey in the fully reclining seats. You can book your ticket on

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