WeChat back online in Russia

When a world famous messaging platform gets blocked, it is an obvious factor that people get affected by it. The company will also get affected by it, in general, they do not expect of this nature to be happening in the first place. Every company does try its level best to comply with the all the rules and regulations to have its business running without any hurdles.

Unfortunately, there are instances where the companies need to face a few pitfalls and they do come back from the fall. They do have the knowledge of how to handle any kind of obstacle and how to get things working in the same old fashion. In the recent past, the world’s 4th largest messaging platform WeChat was blocked in Russia.

The reason behind the block was, China did not comply to have the user data in the local servers of the country in its system. According to the law, it is mandatory for all the foreign countries to have the user data in their systems. If the company denies following then their site or application will be blocked and listed under the watchdog of the country.

All the users who live in Russia and use WeChat were frustrated knowing that the app was not working. The fact is that the app helps millions of people to stay connected with their family and friends, apart from that it helps them to connect with their work as well. It was evident that Russia was following the footsteps of China, as it has the popular sites under its watchdog is been blocked from usage.

China’s watchdog has the sites blocked like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Line and Snapchat and the reasons don’t seem to be strong enough. Now, we see that the app has finally been unblocked in Russia and has gone live for the users to use it all over again and this happened after a week from the day it was blocked in the first place.

The watchdog Roskomnadzor stated that WeChat has provided the required information to the law authorities for it to register in the registry which comes under the rules of the technical act which is being followed in the country. This giant of China has around 900 million active users and it is being backed by Tencent Holdings.

WeChat went offline in Russia for almost a week and the users were affected by it. The company did make the best efforts to have its service back online for the people to use. Officials at Tencent were in discussions with the regulators on this particular issue, for them to be able to fix it.

It is said that Russian authorities feel that the internet is a huge threat on the political front and it is essential for them to keep the system safe and secure. This is why they are following the footsteps of China in censoring the sites which do not comply with laws which need to be followed by the foreign countries.

In the past, there was a particular site which was blocked in Russia and it had around 6 million active users on it and it is LinkedIn. The company stated that they are not willing to comply with the said laws and not interested in the Russian market as well. Hence, the country had the site listed under its watchdog to be blocked from usage.

In the year 2015, Russia passed a law, where it is required for the foreign companies to store the user data in the local servers of the country. This is similar to the one which is being followed in China, where the companies are not allowed to fetch information without their notice.

It is evident that the countries are making sure that the information which is passed through from a user is already available on their user base. If the company is complying with the law, it is as simple as it looks, they will get blocked. So, it is essential for the company to follow and abide by the rules.

Meanwhile, China has always been famous and under the limelight when it comes to censorship. All the messages which are being sent through the app are filtered and only then forwarded to the said recipient. The reason behind this is there are certain which are prohibited from usage.

If in case the user happens to use the words like say “Human Rights”, then WeChat will censor the message and it will not be delivered. After a weeklong block of WeChat by the Russian government, it was surprising to see that the users were able to open up the chat app and it was working as well.

It was restricted from usage on May 4th, as they found that the company was not following the rules. The watchdog Roskomnadzor stated that WeChat is back online for use as the required information was provided by the company. It said that they have made the inclusion of the user data with the distribution of information through the internet.

In the past, not only LinkedIn was blocked by the country’s law authorities, it was Line and BlackBerry Messenger which breached the law. The fact here is that WeChat has yet to expand its service to other parts of the world. Most predominant users are from China and lesser from other parts of the world.

A report from Wall Street Journal says that there has been a huge increase in Chinese tourists in Russia. The analysis of the reports shows that the people have invested around 1 billion US dollars in the economy of Russia in 2015. Apart from that fact, it is said that the Chinese are planning to invest around 11 billion US dollars in the Russian market in the near future.

It is evident that China finds Russia to be a place for it to invest and bring in more revenue to the country with its business. The fact is here that the WeChat ban might not have affected most of the Russians as it not being used to the extent like it is being used in China. Chinese users in Russia would be the people who would have been affected the most, as it helps them with their personal and professional life.

This particular app helps millions of users across China and other parts of the world to be connected. Apart from that aspect, it helps the users to make their e-payments and bill payments as well. Tencent stated that they had a different understanding of the regulations which were being followed in Russia.

In the end, the officials from the firm have had the talks with the law authorities and have accepted to abide by the law unlike the other firms which actually refrained from doing so and this shows that China does not want to lose its business in Russia. Finally, WeChat is now available for the users to use the app and get connected with people from across the world.

In the recent times, we can see that, there have been bans and speculations against the popular companies, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber and a few more including WeChat for complying with the rules and the regulations from the regulators. It is evident that their companies are all going through a rough patch and are trying their level best to get through with it. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the best WhatsApp clone script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

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