WeChat back online in Russia

When a world famous messaging platform gets blocked, it is an obvious factor that people get affected by it. The company will also get affected by it, in general, they do not expect of this nature to be happening in the first place. Every company does try its level best to comply with the all the rules and regulations to have its business running without any hurdles. Read more

How To Put An End To Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a huge problem that is ailing a large part of the world as we know it. With millions of people dying every year not from the consumption of narcotics alone but also from the intake of recreational drugs and that is not even the sad part. A larger proportion of people dying from this ailment is not crack addicts but teenagers. From Opium to Cocaine to Weed to Marijuana, what is proclaimed to be illegal and dangerous to health and life if taken in large amounts is something that gives them a thrill to use. Read more

Visual Search can change SEO for E-Commerce Sites – Know How?

They say visual marketing is the future. In fact, some rebels also say that SEO for ecommerce sites will be restricted to visual search only. In support of their prediction, the rebel digital marketers also provide some scientific aspects to potentiate their claims.

Interesting Facts

  • The first thing that needs special mention is the fact the processing power of the brain. It has been seen that brain processes images (60,000 times) faster than that of texts. This is the first thing put forward by the digital markets while predicting the future and the inevitability of visual search aspects.
  • Images have more long lasting effect than audio. A customer is likely to retain around 65 per cent of the conveyed message in image even after 3 days. In comparison, just 10 per cent of the stimuli will be retained by the customer when conveyed through audio messages.
  • Most customers prefer content that come with texts coupled with relevant images. In fact, the probability of engagement with such content increases by 80 per cent more than any normal text based content.
  • When the viewership is taken into consideration, the image-based content attracts almost double the viewership. Reports say viewership of content increase by around 94 per cent in case of content that have images in them.
  • When a consumer makes a purchase, almost all (93 per cent of the total number of target consumers) the customers are seen to be making purchasing decision on the basis of content having relevant images.

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What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in India?

After a certain level of time, businesses will need to consider migrating their hosting requirements from the shared hosting to the dedicated server. The process of upgrade should be a smooth one so it is imperative that you choose your dedicating service hosting provider in India with utmost care after considering all the aspects. Upgrading to dedicated server is good for a business as it implies that its products and services are being liked by the customers and hence the traffic flow to their site has increased.

A single organization an entire server on lease for their websites. It means all the resources are at their disposal and they will never have to worry about any other entity overdrawing any resources that could result in server crashing as it happens in shared hosting. The dedicated server India plans are ideal for businesses that have high traffic movement needing maximum space.
Full root access:
Dedicated server hosting providers in India allow the customers full root access and high speed processing and gives them the liberty to customize the server with their own applications, upgrade it for more space and additional backup features. The host handles the server setup and configurations as required by the customers. The clients can host any number of websites and use the server for any purpose like gaming or virtual hosting or ecommerce business.

Dedicated round the clock support:
Business owners have to be very selective when choosing the dedicated server hosting provider in India. No doubt, dedicated servers are most expensive but never compromise on quality of service for low pricing. Imagine the plight when business is in full swing and all of a sudden you start receiving error messages and everything comes to a standstill. Your hosting provider is unreachable. You have to suffer the consequences of having compromised quality for low and cheap services. You need the services of dedicated server hosting providers in India that are available 24/7 to instantly respond to your distress calls.

Complete package:
There are several dedicated server hosting providers in India that offer several add-on services at no additional cost. Look for such providers and get the benefits like free SSL certificate, SSDs for better speed, control panel, WHM, enterprise email servers, spam protection, malware scanning, proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, monitoring for traffic spikes, one-click installer etc. These features will give additional security and peace of mind and help in enhancing the performance.

The servers offered by the dedicated server hosting providers in India are made up of best hardware. They use the latest and tested blade servers manufactured by the most reputable brands to ensure safety of data and high resistance to traffic pressures. The servers are placed in data centers that are strategically located in cities that are earthquake safe. They are equipped with fibre-optic connectivity that ensures high speed and reliable network routing. This ensures low latency and higher network availability. The technical support team is stationed in the data centers to monitor the server performance and guarantee least downtime. They have security guards manning the plant 24/7 to protect from thieves and intruders.

Comitias Network plus Open Doors to New Opportunities

Do you find routers, switches and TCP/IP methods fascinating? If yes, then it’s terrific! You have to take into consideration becoming Comitias Network+ certified

In today’s high speed world, professionals who have the ability to resolve concerns with computers and networks, and supplies constant assistance to users, are extremely important. Our country’s demand for more technically qualified people has been enhanced.

Comitias Network+ is an ISO-17024 certified, vendor-neutral innovation accreditation that verifies the certified person has the capabilities and knowledge required to take on a vital role in information network.

The Network+ certification examination licenses that the noteworthy prospect has the understanding and skills had to carry out specified network architecture with standard network security. Moreover, a distinguished candidate has the power to put together, preserve, and fix network gadgets using appropriate networking tools and view the features and purpose of network technologies, construct fundamental solution suggestions, evaluate network traffic, and familiarized with basic methods and media ranges.

The accreditation consists of one hard exam. It is typically the consequently choice of IT certification after an individual gets their A+ certification. It is a fantastic methods to become familiarized with several of the requirements that exist in networking, how they apply to protocol stacks and when you need to describe them. Most networking specialists these days utilize their understanding of these standards to assist them deal with various networking issues which they repair on a daily basis. Don’t miss best technology mobile phones

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How Can A Cloud Hosting Service Help Boost Your Business?

A cloud hosting service can be your best bet when you are planning to expand your business on a tight budget. It is an innovative technology that will allow multiple servers to work as one. Unlike shared hosting solutions or dedicated hosting solutions where resources such as bandwidth or disk space are made available by a single server, there are multiple servers in cloud hosting and these are interconnected to form what is called a “cloud”. Read more

Cloud Servers Nigeria – Best Hosting For Your Site and Apps

Cloud servers have proved their mettle, and now, for businesses looking for hosting options closer home, Cloud servers Nigeria offer many opportunities. Whether you want to test and run applications or you are looking for enhanced storage, you can rely on cloud servers give you more speed, greater reliability, and enhanced disk space. Listed below are some of the other features of Cloud servers Nigeria. Read more

What a Hybrid Cloud Hosting Provider UK Shall Guide You On Before Offering Hosting Plans?

With the advent of Cloud computing, the way data centers used to provide hosting services to the clients has changed considerably. Faced with the problems of outages, downtimes, crashes and other physical or software issues, it was always a challenge for the hosting service providers to meet the demand of flawless services from clients. Cloud computing made a big change, providing relief from its many shortcomings and adding new dimensions of quality for service delivery. Not only was it now possible to provide higher uptime but also there was very remote possibility of server crashes. At the same time, it added the punch of higher computing power to the websites which improved performance significantly. United Kingdom is one of the first countries of the world to have recognized the importance of cloud servers for web hosting. The companies began offering public, private and hybrid deployment of its services to webmasters ahead of many other nations. A hybrid cloud hosting provider UK provides reliable platforms both for serving public as well as in-house employees. Read more