The perfect trip to Pondicherry during its peak seasons

A well-known shoreline destination for individuals searching for a sensational occasion. Pondicherry is about delightful seashores, shorelines, dusk, regular shacks and tasty and crisp fish. Despite the fact that it generally sees visitors and explorers all consistently, the top seasons are the best time to visit this destination.


Whenever picking a spot to visit, it is generally imperative you choose the best possible time and season you set your date upon. This is vital mostly in areas wherein the atmosphere and climate have a part to play in the way of how your vacation may end up being. Some additionally rely on upon the season. Normally, during the peak season, the place remains busy and exciting, and people visit during the off-seasons for a quieter and more relaxed visit. However in the case of Pondicherry, visiting during the off-seasons makes no sense as Pondicherry is not a place you come to relax, many other hill stations nearby can be visited for that. The sole reason Pondicherry is popular in India is for being the place with arguably the cheapest alcohol in the country and its beach parties.

Pondicherry is the favorite weekend getaway for the fun loving people living in Chennai. It takes just 3 hours to reach if you take a Chennai to Pondicherry taxi. Timing is the only thing that plays a crucial role on your trip to Pondicherry. On the off chance that you are searching for beach parties and shacks and you come at a wron

g time, then the only thing you will find in the beaches are sand, and some sea shells. That is how useless your trip will turn out to be if you ignore the red flags and hope to try visiting it during the off seasons.


Beach destinations have a particular characteristic to it during the peak seasons – the shacks along the shores. Rather than staying at a portion of the lodgings in Pondicherry one can just stay at one of the shacks and have a decent time as well as save a good deal of money too. Being a Union Territory, Pondicherry is exempted from Sales tax, making the typical cost for basic items low. You can spare as much as double the sum you spend anyplace else drinking the same sum in this spot.

Promenade shoreline, Auroville seashore, Paradise shoreline and Serenity coastline are some of the brilliant shorelines. Pondicherry seashores aren’t as swarmed when contrasted with the shorelines in Goa. Shacks are set up amid the peak seasons and the scene is basically the same as it is in Goa. Sunset takes after by noisy heart pounding bass resounding over the shores and individuals celebrating themselves till they drain every ounce of their energy. Despite the fact that the liquor is extremely cheap, there is a catch. You can’t take it outside the outskirt of the Union Territory. All your things will be completely checked for possession of liquor at each barricade check posts.


Pondicherry is an extremely famous weekend getaway destination for individuals living in close-by urban communities for whom an excursion here is only two or three hours head out or a short prepare ride. It makes for an immaculate getaway with wildlife and a chance to unwind in the relaxing beaches. Every Pondicherry travel guide will tell you to visit this brilliant holiday destination during the peak season. Want to know why? Plan a trip during this time and know why!