Why Web Hosting Is Necessary For Online Businesses

Individuals and businesses need the services of a web hosting provider to bring their websites on the internet and accessible to the outside world. It is only way for an online business to exhibit their products and services to the consumers.

The web hosting provider offers the physical hardware in the form of space on a server, internet connections at high speed and store the websites in their well-equipped data centers.

The web hosting company offers several benefits like:

• Saving on space and infrastructure: Customers need not invest on the expensive infrastructure to house their websites.

• Maintenance: The hosting provider does the maintenance and management of infrastructure

• Security: The host provides for the security of the data from spammers and hackers

• Support: The host has their customer support team available 24/7 over mail, phone and live chat to assist with any server related queries.

The two most critical requirements that every business are maximum uptime and high speed internet connectivity that will ensure easy accessibility to a visitor. The web hosting provider in New Zealand offers robust SLAs that guarantee of maximum network uptime. Their technical team monitors the server round the clock to ensure that the servers are in their best conditions to their customers the best service.


The web hosting provider offers all their hosting options in both Linux and Windows operating system. They also have some reliable reseller plans and offer email hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificates and database hosting services.

The clients are advised to select the one most suitable to them based on their budget, target audience and volume of traffic they expect. The types of web hosting include

• Shared hosting: The provider accommodates many websites on a single powerful server and they all share the resources. It is the least expensive and an ideal solution for the new and small businesses to start their online business. The resources offered are limited and it is advisable for a business to upgrade once the traffic starts increasing.

• Dedicated hosting: It is ideal for the large and well established businesses that have a large flow of visitors constantly. The client takes an entire server for their individual use and get complete control over the resources. It is the most expensive form of hosting but offers many benefits that ensures the websites offer seamless performance with high upload speed and maximum uptime.

• VPS hosting: Ideally suited for a growing business, VPS involves sharing of the server but with independent resources. A large server is split into several smaller partitions and offered to multiple clients. It removes the restrictions of a shared server while matches the features of a dedicated server at far more affordable costs.

• Cloud computing: Services are offered over the internet eliminating the need of buying and installing expensive software and hardware. Customers pay only for the services they consume. It is affordable and suitable to businesses of all sizes.